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Projects In Your Area

State Street Project 

Marshfield Utilities is replacing buried underground lines that were installed in the early 70s and are near end of life.  Most of the facilities being replaced are in and along backyards on private property.  Underground light circuits in the area and few road crossing  will take place with minimal impact.  As part of this project, we are also converting 525 feet of overhead power line to underground power line along the Wildwood Trail west of Adams Avenue.  This will eliminate the need to maintain the required clearnace around energized lines by trimming trees.  In time, this piece of trail will be able to regain a more naturalized look and feel.

The east third of this project began in 2018 and is complete.  The remainder started in August 2019 and now in 2020 is nearing completion.  We are currently landscaping.  When that is finished this project will be wrapped up.  


Water Projects

 We have several projects in progress on the following streets:

1. Cleveland Street from Doege Street to Central Avenue:  This project is in progress but from a water perspective it is now complete.    

2.  26th Street from Maywood Avenue to Washington Avenue has been completed from a water perspective.

3.  Galvin Avenue has been completed

4.  Downwind Drive from Central Avenue to Cherry Avenue should be starting this week.  Overall the project should take about two weeks to complete.  Traffic will not be interuppted as this will be a directional drilling installation.